The Himig Sanghaya Chorale (HSC), a SEC-registered non-profit organization composed of students and young professionals, is one of the official choirs of San Pedro, Laguna. HSC, through the years of sharing meaningful and beautiful music with the society, has always been inspired by the innate drive of the young generation to express their creativity through the arts.

Established in 1998, HSC is originally composed of a group of high school students bound by their common passion for learning through music. The membership was extended to choristers from different schools in San Pedro, Laguna, eventually forming a more inclusive community-based group.

In line with its vision, the HSC has been self-producing concerts, programs, and projects for more than 20 years now- not only to enthrall various audiences, but also to give back to the community. These programs range from music education, to entertainment concerts, to community service.


To foster community development through choral music by providing a venue for learning by means of workshops, building new connections and friendships through festivals, spearheading productive activities for the youth, and setting new choral standards by promoting modern choral music.


To build a strong community through music education and the arts by providing avenues for learning, performances, and other activities that encourage camaraderie.

The Beyond Notes is a program originally conceived as a caravan to strengthen choral music and musicianship among choirs in Laguna and nearby provinces, culminating with a choral festival or concert.

In 2021, an online concert series called SOUNDSTREAM-ing: Beyond Notes 2021 was launched in partnership with Asian Composers League Philippines. It featured original works of Filipino and international composers for choirs, chamber groups, and various ensembles, providing musicians a new platform for making music amid the global pandemic.

Launched in 2020, Note-ify is a series of online roundtable discussions that tackle how the pandemic has affected musicians and artists. These discussions aim to shed light not only on the challenges that people are facing, but also on the opportunities that lie ahead for the music community. The series has featured prominent names in the performance and entertainment industry both in the Philippines and overseas, and has covered topics on composition, music education, performance, and other relevant themes such as mindfulness aided by music, and the spirit of charity among musicians.

Launched in 2018, Himig Cares is a community service initiative intended to reach out to non-profit organizations who provide assistance to the less fortunate. The program aims to foster the spirit of giving through a choral concert organized for the benefit of its chosen beneficiaries. The concert features wonderful performances from choral groups in Laguna who share the desire for helping those in need.

Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) Philippines

HSC participated in the Poverty Requiem in 2007 by the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Philippines. GCAP is an artistic performance against poverty that combines visual art, music and movement.

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2003 International Choral Festival (Laguna, Host Province)

The Philippine International Choral Festival by the Cultural Center of the Philippines featured internationally recognized groups from Iceland, Taiwan, Austria, Korea, and the Philippines. Among the featured groups were the UST Singers, San Beda College Chorale, the University of San Agustin Troubadours, the AILM Chorale, the Himig Sanghaya Chorale, and the Philippine Madrigal Singers. (Santos, 2004)

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Daragang Magayon

HSC participated in the Poverty "Daragang Magayon: Ang Istorya Ni Mayon" is a multimedia musical on the Bicolano myth of the lovers Daragang Mayon and Ulap, whose deaths gave life to a mound of earth that grew to become Mayon Volcano.National Artist for Literature Virgilio S. Almario (Rio Alma) penned the poetry for this new production while Gawad CCP para sa Sining awardee Ramon P. Santos composed the music. Members of HSC were part of the chorus. (Vasquez, 2013)

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